Islamic Azad University Fereshtegan (Angel) International Campus will begin its activities in 2019-2020 academic year.

According to an ISCA report, IAU Fereshtegan (Angel) International Campus has been designed to provide services for students with disabilities, specially deaf and hard of hearing students, and self-advocacy training as well as interpreting, real-time captioning and tutoring services.

In this regard, Central Tehran Islamic Azad University has been allocated to this campus. Based on the feasibility studies, majors that are suitable for deaf or hard-of-hearing students will be run and developed in the future in this university.

Due to the lack of such facilities in countries around Iran, Islamic Azad University is planning to admit non-Iranian students and teach them Iranian and international sign language. In this university, education will be done based on educational backgrounds and the capability of the Persian sign language.

The university officials are making efforts to run the university, with 7 or 8 courses in Associate and Bachelor's degree, the next academic year (October/November 2019).