On March28,1987, Ali-abad Katoul Islamic Azad University was founded by the martyr Dr. Sadegi and started its educational activities in state-affair management from September of 1988 with the reception of 118 students. At the moment, this university branch is moving towards the development of science and technology in its 24th year of establishment with the education of more than 6900 students in 93 majors and 16521 graduates in 5 educational levels with the cooperation of 188 scientific staff in 5 faculties.

This complex includes 6936 square meters of educational and accommodation space and 84 laboratories and work-shops in 45 workshops and laboratories sites and roughly 43 hectares residential areas.


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Branch achievements:

-         Reaching the top rate in the world 2014 International Competition of Invention in Krotia (Zagrap) with the design of trailer axel lock machine by Javad Nejaty.

-         Reaching the second rate in the world 2014 International Competition of Invention in Poland (Warsaw) with the design of Latex hand-glove by Javad Nejaty.

-         The success of Ali-abad Katoul Islamic Azad University Macaroni structure team.

-         Reaching the third rate of Seyed team of Researchers Club in the division of the young heavy weight warrior in International Competition of KashanFeyz Cup.

-         Reaching the top rate in Golestan Fine Arts Festival by art students.

-         Reaching the top and fifth rate in Gilan International Festival.

-         Reaching 16 ranks from one to three in 16th Koran Competition of cross country students.

-         Reaching the top rate of chemical cars team of researchers club in Islamic Azad university cross country competition and the eight rate in cross country.

-         The first Olympiad Gold Medal from Islamic Azad university Inventors and Innovators Olympiad.

-         Reaching the first rate in Young Kharazmy Festival in Electronic major.

-         Gold Medal of International Competition of Invention for the invention of smart chess-board.

-         Invention of security lock and all round wheel-chair by the member of the branch Young Researchers Club.

-         Invention of switching source supply.

-         Invention of Automatic machine in kicking off Bad Tayz automobile.

-         Reaching championship of Asia and Pacific Competition in Thailand Beach Volleyball.

-         Reaching the third rate of Goanjo Asia Competition.

Reaching  the second standing of Islamic Azad university cross country competition in ladies Handball            -