Energy Research Center of AKIAU


           Fossil fules can not respond to all human needs because of environmental pollution and resource constraints, it is therefore necessaryto know that more research is needed in the field of their appropriate alternatives; Hence, instead of increasing the reliance on underground energy sources, part of it is to invest in the development of renewable energy use, while at the same time informing and publicizing about the optimal energy consumption and proper management of energy. In this regard, Ali Abad Katoul Energy Research Center was established and launched in 2012 (1391) in accordance with the needs and necessitiy of research activities in the field of renewable energies. The focus of the research and training program at this center is to educate researchers on developing clean energy applications and addressing new issues, and also the need to address new energy-related projects.

Exhaustively, the main activities of the center are focused on the establishment of environmentally-friendly pilot projects using renewable energy sources and the implementation of engineering projects and the provision of consulting services and management of projects that are focused on the following areas:

* Solar energies

* Wind and waves energy

* Earth heat energy

* Hydrogen technology, fuel cell and biomass

* Energy management and optimization

* Energy recovery

* Energy storage methods

* Environmental effects of renewable energies