Young & Elite Researchers’ Club of AKIAU


           Islamic Azad University is one of the largest educational and academic centers in the country, which started its work on August 10, 1981, (Mordad 10, 1361). Since an important part of the mission of the Islamic Azad University is the education of individuals intrested in research and given the importance of the growth and prosperity of the young talents, identifying the talented youth, supporting, strengthening and directing them in order to raise the level of knowledge and creativity and their innovations will have a great impact on the goals of the university.Therefore, Islamic Azad University has been working since the Fall of 1999, (1378), with the establishment of the Young Researchers Club in all its units to provide special facilities and equipments for creative young people, entrepreneurs, authors and those who are interested in researching.

The Young and Elite Research Club is an institution designed to identify, attract, educate, support, lead, and raise the knowledge level of all students and talented young people through co-integration into scientific and research groups which is actually under the supervision of Islamic Azad University. The Young Researchers Club of Islamic Azad University with numerous offices and branches is active in all provinces of the country of Iran. The club’s main goals can be summarized as follows:

1- The emergence and creativity of the members of the club in various fields of science, research, education, and entrepreneurship.

2- Promote the quality of the members of the club in various aspects of cultural, scientific, research, educational, and entrepreneurship.

3- Creating and strengthening the spirit of teamwork amongst club members and organizing them in group activities.

4- Leading and strengthening the talents of the club members to meet the scientific research needs of the country.


Club plans generally include :

A- Training and entrepreneurship programs

B- Research projects

C- Conferences programs

D- Facility plans

E- Cultural programs and advertising plans