The Technology Incubator Center of AKIAU 


       The Technology Incubator Center supports start-ups and technology-driven entrepreneurial teams to successfully implement ideas and innovations as well as competing in the national and global trading scene. This Technology Incubator Center helps companies by providing a range of services in order to move towards realization of the idea to market and wealth generation.

       The main mission of the Technology Incubator Center is to create a suitable space for trading research and technological achievement of knowledge-based businesses. Technology Incubator Center of Ali Abad Katoul Branch is providing support services for the creation and development of new businesses by entrepreneurs in the field of advanced technologies and knowledge-based economic goals.

* Goals :

1- Creating employment means for university professors, students, and talents

2- Creating the necessary space for the expansion and growth of small and medium- sized industrial units, knowledge-intensive companies and active technology

3- Production and development of products and processes available to the   market

4- The possible link between industry and production and produced technologies

5- Commercialization of research findings

6- Helping boost the economy based on science and technology, ( knowledge-based economy )