Adopting an industrial approach, Islamic Azad University, Aliabad Katoul Branch considers Education, Research, and Development as its fundamental principles. Reaching development and producing knowledge as its goals, the university’s ideal is to educate and train the alumni and experts who are of humane, ethical, and Islamic virtues.

The university offers skills, knowledge, and insights required by students at four academic levels, namely Associate degree, Bachelor degree, Master’s degree, and Doctoral degree.

Given the current prodigious advancement in economic, cultural, technological, and social arenas, the university is determined to meet the educational and research needs of the society through designing and developing educational programs and various services benefiting from the latest technologies and advanced educational systems as ell as cooperating with world’s highly reputed universities.

As to national and social responsibilities, the university is committed to offers educational, research, and general services at the highest quality standards and believes that this will leads to promising results only through attracting elite faculty members and increasing the skills and capabilities of managers and staff.